Together for water and the love of life


WfW Zambia is a non-profit organisation based in Lusaka, focusing on implementing professional WASH Systems, promoting Skills Development in the water sector, and providing Sustainability Services to businesses.

Since 2013, WfW Zambia has played a crucial role in providing over 100,000 people with access to safe and affordable drinking water through professional water supply systems and supporting over 900 graduated students in the water sector. In its endeavours, WfW Zambia adopts comprehensive approaches and actively contributes to the growth of local and sustainable value chains.

WfW Zambia is an integral part of the WfW organism: While we interdepend on our fellow WfW organisations in Mozambique and Switzerland to collectively achieve our overarching goals, each part of our organism possesses the autonomy and capability to take ownership of its responsibilities within its unique context. Through collaboration and exchange, we harness our collective strengths to develop context-specific WfW programmes and services tailored to local needs.

Our Programmes

WASH Systems

At WfW Zambia, we are dedicated to promoting fair access to professional water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services. Our vision aligns with establishing robust WASH systems and ensuring the equitable use of water resources. By targeting low-income communities, schools, and health facilities nationwide, we aim to empower these communities with sustainable WASH solutions. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a brighter future for Zambia.


  • Create and improve safe and affordable access to water for the poorest communities
  • Strengthen the local water sector sustainably through innovative projects
  • Support and connect local actors and structures in a goal-oriented way in order to prevent parallel structures


  • Access to safe and affordable drinking water with professional water supply system for over 100,000 people
  • Implementation of social financing models and professional management models for sustainable WASH systems
  • Improvement of health and development opportunities for residents in neighbourhoods
"At WfW, we take a holistic approach in our interventions to ensure that communities gain access to fair and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services. Our focus on building strong partnerships among stakeholders makes this possible."
Kameya Kashweka, Programme Manager WASH Systems

Skills Development

Since 2013, WfW has been targeting Zambia's high youth unemployment rate and deficiencies in water and sanitation structures through its Vocational Skills Development program. Over 900 students have graduated in water operations and plumbing, and WfW aims to expand its nationwide scope. By supporting Vocational Training Institutions, creating industry linkages, and participating in sector reforms, WfW empowers learners and professionals to contribute to reliable and safe water and sanitation systems in Zambia.


  • Enable young people from structurally disadvantaged urban areas to receive vocational training
  • Improve and expand the infrastructure and staff of the schools
  • Encourage the integration of schools, water suppliers and production companies


  • Over 900 graduated students
  • 2 partner schools
  • Part of the national Reform of the Water Sector (RWS II)
  • Member of the Skills Advisory Group (SAG) of the Zambian Ministry of Higher Education
"Effective vocational training for water professionals is the foundation for reliable water supply systems. We strive to create opportunities that contribute to a society where everyone has equal opportunities to fulfil their potential."
Tumba M. Mupango, Programme Manager Skills Development

Our Sustainability Services

Sustainability Transitions and Innovation

Our Sustainability Transitions and Innovation services offer companies the opportunity to actively contribute to addressing socio-ecological issues and make a positive impact on society. Through our expert guidance and tailored strategies, we help businesses and institutions develop and implement Corporate Social Iinnovation (CSI) and environmental sustainability initiatives that align with their values and goals. By becoming a WfW partner, you can create sustainable solutions to complex economic, social, and environmental challenges, fostering a greater sense of accountability and solidarity.

Case: Zanaco Green Innovation Challenge



WfW’s HOSPITALITY industry service offering combines ecological and social engagement in the hospitality sector. Building on the success of WfW GASTRO in Switzerland, where we currently partner with over 300 gastronomy companies, we are excited to expand our services to the Zambian context. We aim to support hospitality businesses in Zambia with tailored solutions to enhance their sustainability practices. By using our expertise and experience and through partnership contributions, we aim to positively impact the environment and the local community.

Case: WfW Hospitality

”Through our services and innovation-focused partnerships with key actors across industries in Zambia, we aim to deepen the impact of our work in the WASH sector and enable broader transitions to the sustainable and fair use of water.”
Sekayi Fundafunda, Manager Services, Partnerships & Innovation

Our Team

The WfW Zambia team consists of motivated and talented people who carry a shared vision into society and thus work for positive change.

Tumba M. Mupango

Programme Manager Skills Development and Operations Manager

Sekayi Fundafunda

Manager Services, Partnerships & Innovation; Communications

Kameya Kashweka

Programme Manager WASH Systems

Mareta Lindunda

Communication Specialist

Radhia Mtonga

Sustainability Transitions and Innovation Lead

Ngenda Mwikisa


Patson Kaputo

Community Engagement Lead

Thandiwe T. Nchimunya

Project Manager, Programmes & Knowledge Management

Michelo Mwiya

Skills Development Lead, Programmes & Knowledge Management

Taaza M. Banda

Operations & Finance Lead

Tubber Maluma

Programme Engineer

Chilufya Chintelelwe

Project Assistant, Operations and Finance; Skills Development

Emmanuel Lunda

Project Assistant, Skills Development

Ladai Zulu

Project Assistant, Services, Partnerships & Innovations; Communications

Cynthia Simuyuni

Facility Management

Peter Luhanga

General Worker - Facility Maintenance

WfW Organism

The non-profit organisation WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW), German for “water for water”, was founded in 2012 in Switzerland and has been active in Zambia since 2013. It’s working for a fair and sustainable use of water resources - because drinking water must not be a privilege. 

Over the past years, WfW has made substantial progress in developing local WfW organisations, resulting in the formation of the overarching WfW organism. This accomplishment underscores WfW's commitment to fostering its involvement with local teams and structures. By further professionalising the organisation in Switzerland and establishing WfW organisations in Mozambique and Zambia, WfW has advanced its mission with context-specific entrepreneurial, social and ecological approaches. That is how the WfW organism pursues the goal of having an impact wherever it is active.

The establishment of WfW Zambia was a pivotal milestone in the organisation's journey, underlining the strategic expansion into Zambia and a significant step toward realising the vision of interdependent, autonomous WfW organisations spanning two continents.

The brothers, Lior and Morris Etter, co-founders of WfW, share a profound commitment to leveraging their journeys as catalysts for meaningful social change, particularly in the realm of water accessibility, emphasizing the importance of meaningful and sustainable development wherever the WfW Organism is active.
Lior Etter, Co-Founder
Morris Etter, Co-Founder